Martin J. Persson


Martin Persson is a professor of health sciences at Kristianstad University, Sweden. One of his primary research interests is working with individuals with visible differences or negative body image concerning psychosocial and public health aspects. He has extensive knowledge of working with socially disadvantaged groups across Europe and specialises in the methodological and pedagogical development of courses ranging from basic to advanced levels in psychology, public health, and health education. In addition, Martin is passionate about developing training programs and knowledge mobilisation activities based on evidence-based research in order to reach relevant stakeholders. He has considerable experience coordinating and managing over 40 international projects and has attracted over €11 million in funding to support psychosocial, health and educational activities. He has a PhD in Medicine, Masters Degree in Public Health and Psychology. His research has been published in academic peer-review journals. Over the last 15 years, he facilitated a variety of keynotes, lectures, workshops, and symposiums for professionals, students, and users in his areas of expertise in Asia, Australia, Europe, North America and South America. Martin was also the Chair of the EU COST Action CA16234 "European Cleft and Craniofacial Initiative for Equality in Care", a Horizon 2020 funded network of researchers and practitioners from 26 European countries that ended in April 2022.

MODULE 2 Ecpca Course MODULE 2

DAY 7 – June 24, 2023

Chair: Catherine Tomat (France)


Orthodontic Treatment in the mixed and permanent dentition: what to do and what not to do

Noah Cohen - Italy – 15’


Orthognathic surgery in CFM: classical approach

Luca Autelitano - Italy – 15’


Orthognathic surgery in CFM in combination with distraction osteogenesis

Fabio Mazzoleni - Italy – 15’


Orthognathic surgery in CFM: what is the orthodontist’s role?

Camila Caro - Canada – 10’


3D VSP (Virtual Surgical Planning)

Giorgio Novelli - Italy – 15’




Prosthetic replacement in severe hemifacial microsomia: when is it indicated?

Giovanni Gerbino - Italy – 15’


Ear reconstruction in CFM. What should the orthodontist know?

Corstiaan Breugem - Holland – 15’


Soft tissue management in CFM and in hemifacial atrophy: how much can we improve and how stable is it?

Giulia Rossetti - Italy – 15’


Psychological considerations in CFA: what is body image? How do people with visible difference be stigmatized? The psychosocial consequences.  what should clinicians say or not say in relation to psychosocial aspects when engaging with the patient

Martin Persson - Sweden – 20’