Donatella Milani


Graduation in Università degli Studi di Milano, Milan, Italy - 1999 – Thesis on a large cohort of patients with Oculoauriculovertebral spectrum (clinical and genetic data)

Medical Genetics specialty, Università degli Studi di Milano,  Milan, Italy - 2003 –  thesis on Sotos syndrome (clinical and genetic data)

I’m interested in birth defect and MCA/ID syndromes and the care of children with these conditions.

Supervisor of 10 thesis, professor in the medical faculty, and genetic and paediatric specialists

invited as a speaker in many conferences, over 100 abstracts/oral communications selected for conferences, 10 books and over 130 articles on indexed Journals

Member of the Società Italiana Genetica Umana (SIGU).

Member of the Scientific Committee of AiBWS (Italian Association of Beckwith Wiedemann Syndrome), of ASSI-Gulliver (Italian Association of Sotos syndrome), and of RTS-Una vita speciale (Italian Association of Rubinstein Taybi syndrome).

Participation in the work table for Italian clinical guidelines of Marfan syndrome, Noonan syndrome, mental retardation with multiple congenital anomalies.

MODULE 2 Ecpca Course MODULE 2


Chair: Birte Melsen (Denmark)

FIRST AND SECOND BRANCHIAL ARCH SYNDROMES: Craniofacial Microsomia, Treacher-Collins Syndromes, Nager Syndrome and Other Syndromes


Genetics and Embryology and clinical features of I and II Branchial Arch syndromes

Donatella Milani - Italy – 15’


Craniofacial growth in I and II branchial arch syndromes:  growth in hemifacial (craniofacial) macrosomia, what is true, what is not.

Edwin Ongkosuwito - Holland – 20’


Occlusal plane in CFM type 1, 2 and 3 and long term follow up in Type 3 after early Costochondral grafting

Valeria Battista - Italy – 15’


Distraction Osteogenesis: rationale, timing, indication and long- term results

Arnaud Picard – France - 20’




Orthodontic Treatment during early childhood in CFM: If and when? Pseudo HFM: long term results and differential diagnosis

Maria Costanza Meazzini - Italy – 20’


Early surgery for breathing disorders: Treacher-Collins and Nager Syndrome and other mandibular hypoplasia Syndromes. Long term results

Fabio Mazzoleni - Italy – 15’


Transverse DO of the mandible in severe syndromic and non- syndromic mandibular hypoplasia

Nasser Nadjmi - Belgium – 15’