Birte Melsen


Birte   MelsEnR1, DDS, Dr.Odont

1964  DDS.   Royal Dental College Aarhus Denmark. 1971 Specialized in Orthodontics.1974 Dr. Odont. At the University Denmark of Aarhus. 1975-2012 Professor and Chairman of the Department of Orthodontics at The School of Dentistry, Aarhus University, Denmark.1986-2020 Part-time in a private practice in Lübeck, Germany (limited to adult orthodontics). 2015- Visiting Professor NYU, New York, U.S. 2014- Visiting professor Hannover Germany Professor Melsen has authored more than 400 publications in the fields of growth based on research of human autopsy material, bone biology skeletal Anchorage and regeneration of degenerated dentitions. Recipient of numerous awards. Lately lecturing on the future of orthodontics.